music bio

 “But I don’t regret nothing, I’d do it again in spite…
In fact come to think of it, I think I just might.”

– from “Prodigal Son”

It’s not everyday a musician finds himself performing in front of Paul McCartney.

An unforgettable moment, I was the guest of honor at McCartney’s second wedding, along with 6 other musicians, including my then musical partner on the album “Celtic Ragas.” We were sitting on a stage put together by his road crew at the wedding. “What song would you like to hear?” I asked the groom in the front row. The former Beatle, sitting next to his new bride, shouted back “Play track 1. That’s our favorite. Isn’t it hun?”

Just to check that our band wasn’t just a concept thing his secretary discovered for the reception, I asked him which song was his favorite, and without hesitation, he answered –  as above – and then hummed the first line of it. Thereby ended my need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Not that Sir Paul is the ultimate litmus test of valid art, but it simply all dropped.

I grew up in Springfield, Ohio, my Mom and Dad holding sing along parties where their friends sang along to Mitch Miller and the bouncing ball on television. At 14 years old, my brother brought home a guitar, and I don’t think he ever got to play it much, I just owned it. In University I studied theater. I actually put in some serious hours, apprenticed at the Actor’s Theater of Louisville, and went on to graduate school at the Asolo Theater conservatory program at Florida State University. But there was something missing for me already in my life. I started searching, and ended up in India, where I began an intense spiritual exploration into meditation and the nature of consciousness. I lived in a spiritual community of Osho in India for a while, which was a seminal experience. For me, an essential element of spirituality for me is simply living in the moment, the here and now. Not so easy, but simple.

The songs on We Will Abide album are in the Folk Rock style. The next batch of songs are a mix of jazz rock and blues. It’s a lot of fun playing with the musicians I’ve teamed up with here in Germany, some great guys.

Influences: Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Dire Straits, Crosby Stills Nash. I could recommend Ari Herstand to anyone seeking some really up to date advice on how to navigate today’s world of music.

Equipment: playing an acoustic Washburn guitar, vintage 1988, a PRS XE, and Fender Mustang amp. Had to let the Straat played on We Will Abide go for the move to Europe.