music bio

 “But I don’t regret nothing, I’d do it again in spite…
In fact come to think of it, I think I just might.”

– from “Prodigal Son”

It’s not everyday a musician finds himself performing in front of Paul McCartney.

Jamie St Clair, fronting a seven piece band, was the guest of honor at McCartney’s second wedding. “What song would you like to hear?” St Clair asked the groom in the front row. The former Beatle, sitting next to his new bride, shouted back “Play track 1. That’s our favorite. Isn’t it hun?”

Jamie grew up in Springfield, Ohio “where the corn belt meets the bible belt.” His parents held big sing along parties where his family and friends sang along to Mitch Miller and the bouncing ball on television. Being the son of a Presbyterian minister, St Clair was active in the church choir, but gravitated towards rock music very early on. “I remember sitting by the radio with my stereo cassette player holding the microphones up to each speaker to catch my favorite songs. And then later, I would sit in my bedroom with headphones on and blast off into orbit.”

Jamie St Clair learned guitar as a boy, but went to University to pursue theater. In graduate school at the Asolo Theater conservatory program at Florida State University he independently began an intense spiritual exploration through various books on meditation and the nature of consciousness. He picked up a book by Osho and it changed the course of his life.

He left grad school and moved to San Francisco for a meditation center that practiced Osho’s meditations. Within a year he left San Francisco to meet Osho in India. Spending over 10 years living in an ashram in India altered Jamie St Clair’s outlook on reality, life, love and, naturally, music. While at the ashram, St Clair teamed up with other musicians and led live music meditations.

Jamie St Clair moved from his Colorado residence to Germany in 2014, where he’s based outside of Hamburg and in Berlin. He formed a band with some of the best jazz musicians in Berlin, and now writes and plays more jazz rock, along the lines of CSN meets Steely Dan. He’s in the studio working on the next album which he hopes to release mid 2017. Some of the demo versions of the songs can be heard here.