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Lyrics: We Will Abide

Last night a vision came in my sleep
We were in a forest dark and deep
Lush green and gold all around
A distant drum, the only sound

You walked ahead into the light
Far down the path out of  sight
The trees turned black and caught on fire
The flames dancing higher and higher.


And then I heard your voice inside
Don’t worry love, we will abide
One day will see you by my side
Don’t fret now love, we will abide.

verse 2
When i awoke I could not see…¬†That in my hand I held a key
I lost all feeling in my heart. I lost my vision in the dark.

Sometimes through tears I understand¬†I’m not exactly a strong man
We schemed and thought we carefully planned, how to meet again in the promised land


Hold on, ho¬† ld out, you’re sailing away to a distant shore
Hold on, hold out, you’re sailing right into my heart

verse 3
Today God woke sitting on my chest. Pointed out  few things I should attest.
To the power of love running in my veins
To the power of love to break all chains
10,000 miles have no sway, 10,000 days have no say.
Over sun and moon and stars above, I see reflected in your love.