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Lyrics: A Love This True

My baby’s like a painting – she dresses like a Monet.
When she smiles the sun comes out, and my dark night goes away.
Me and my better half – we like to get away.
With her I cheat the hang man and live another day.

Dear God, thanks, you probably guessed
What I’d like to get off my chest and ask you.
I don’t get it – but you know best
How do you figure I deserve a love this true.

verse 2
I fell in love so many times but that’s another tale.
If breaking hearts was a crime I’d a spent my life in jail.
But I recall the fateful day I shook myself awake.
I realized all I knew of love was fight and heartache.


verse 3
Life was slipping away too fast, how’d you manage to replace, Lord
The dark night of my past with a love that’s full of grace?
My baby’s got me covered, we steal away the time.
I’m a criminal unrecovered, and she’s my partner in crime.