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Lyrics: Burnin Down the Barn

Burnin Down ….
All the times you cheated me while actin sweet and coy.
You never really needed me – I was just your toy.
All the times I told the truth, all the times you lied;
All the times in my spent youth I hung my head and cried.

All the times I said I’m sorry thinking I was wrong.
Like a babe new born all fresh and starry achin to belong.
All the times I put love first and threw myself away.
Watchin you go from bad to worse hopin it’ll get better someday.

Well I’m movin on now, and here’s what I’ve found:
There’s a new me comin soon.
My barn having burned down to the ground I can now see the moon.

verse 2
All the times you left me to drink a bitter cup,
Listing all the reasons why I could never measure up.
All the times you won the pot All the times I lost –
I gave you better than I got I didn’t count the cost.

I made myself small for you then tried to be real big.
It’s a wonder I didn’t split in two like a schizoid guinea pig.
But it’s OK – no it’s all right. I’m puttin myself together.
My future’s startin to look real bright. I’m in for sunny weather.

Burnin down….