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Lyrics: Coexist Revisited 

Somebody’s gotta crack the whip around here.
Someone’s got to take a stand.
We don’t need a guru, a shaman, or a seer to confirm things have gotten out of hand.
The farm daddy had is gone gone gone – it sold for less than a song.
Broke his heart and my Mama’s as well. That bank man’s road’s going straight to hell
For fixing prices when folks gotta sell.

Big brother you better desist grabbin everything by the fist.
“Enjoy this apple,” the serpent hissed, “But leave my garden alone.”
Don’t mess with my job and home. I’m gonna have to insist:
It’s time to Coexist.

verse 2
We’ve arrived at the absolute end of our rope. We’re confronting the urgent need
Of devising some kind of method to cope with your corporate kind of greed.
The crops don’t grow, rainfall is down. In the sky hangs an angry sun.
Where the birds used to sing, there’s nary a sound.
Good folks are buyin themselves a gun. Ain’t nowhere left to run.


Verse 3
Somebody’s got to crack the whip around here. Someone’s gonna hear these demands.
Big Brother you’d best lend us your ear cause you got blood on your hands.
You can put on a cowboy hat and call me your friend I won’t believe it anytime soon.
I’m gonna tell you how this is all gonna end. The wolf’s at the door howlin like a lune.
You better come to your senses soon.