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Lyrics: Prodigal Son

I spent all my money, I played my last card.
It started out funny and ended up hard.
But I don’t regret nothing, I’d do it again in spite…
In fact come to think of it, I think I just might.

My prodigal son – it’s time to come home
The law’s at the door, ¬†the lawyer’s on the phone.
We gonna kill the fatted calf like we been shown.
And all will be forgiven, if you can find your way home.

verse 2
I learned a few things I can say w/out shame.
When the fat lady sings, you better know her good name.
I went through lots of money I never really earned,
until one day I woke up, and my bridges had all burned.


verse 3
I’ve been called a hedonist, and that’s not the worst name,
I’ve been slapped and I’ve been kissed, I do love the fast lane.
To avoid the hangovers you gotta stay high,
And love’s a laugh a minute, if you’re not afraid to cry.

Chorus 2
My prodigal father ¬†I’m feelin right at home.
It may be that I wander, but I’m not a rollin stone.
I have killed the fatted calf and I don’t need to atone.
I don’t need to be forgiven, cause I’m feeling right at home.
(no wait…) I forgave myself, so goodbye Daddyooo.