‘™Ý Those Days Are Over « Jamie St Clair lyrics

Lyrics: Those Days Are Over

All my sorrows, all my cares.  The heavy footsteps, the empty stares.
Up in the morning, go to bed at night, it’s always there just out of sight.
My judgements and my little fears, ¬†her retreat into her tears…
Don’t show her soul how much I care – to risk that love I do not dare.

The minutes line up in little rows;
The years float by like ice floes.
I was not conscious of what I chose,
Of what it meant when my heart froze.

verse 2
The years it took me to move along  are lost forever into this song.
The constant wanting to belong, every choice bound to be wrong.
I finally understood her fears – to love a man who has no tears.
To show her now how much I care,¬†I’d gladly cut my soul and lay it bare.

Bridge 2
It’s been days and days since I had the blues.
My baby loves me like she’s got nothin to loose.
I got conscious of what I choose –
Now I don’t need nothin’ ‘cept my dancin’ shoes.