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Sermons in Stones music video shoot

Sermons in Stones music videoDay 5 at Agonda Beach, Goa, India. Getting ready to shoot the video for Sermons in Stones. Just decided last minute to include a video for Sermons. I’ve got about 60 seconds of beach, and another two minutes of drive by scenery from the rented scooter. Am hoping my friend Robert Kitilla has some aerial footage of forest/beach that I can use. Would be great for intro and ending. A. is out doing yoga right now. I did my two asanas — felt a little burn. That’s good enuf for me.

The ocean is particularly calm this morning, as I’m sitting at one of our morning places waiting for a pot of hot water to make my Dragonwell (green tea). Really cold for Goa this am (app. 60 degrees F.).

Have decided to shoot the video with just me and A. – not get extra actors in. That would turn the vacation on the beach into too much of a work situationĀ  (that decision will change by tomorrow).

I offered to Premgit – my friend the UK photographer – to do a 2 minute interview video on “The Making of” his photo book on India. I think he’s interested. The video on All Along the Watchtower will be pretty good – if the dramatized scenes betw. the Joker and the Thief turn out well. They looked good in the rushes. The ending is still up in the air – love to have the band mixed into the rendered Watchtower animation – but w/out the green screen, am not sure how that will be.

I’m realizing two of the song titles and lyrical content are coming from Biblical origins – The Prodigal Son Returns and Sermons in Stones. I hope it’s not misleading.

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