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Video shoot, Goa, day 6

Sermons in Stones video shootDay 6 at Agonda Beach, Goa, India. Got some good footage for the music video for Sermons in Stones today around 5pm, one hr before sunset. It was planned in a detailed way, but Murphy’s Law set in big time. A. was supposed to go out to the end of the rocks on the peninsula at the end of the Agonda Beach. I would have the camera set up on the beach, at what I thought was app. 1 Kilometer from where she would be, and use the zoom to catch her in certain poses I choreographed for her. The plan was that when she was in place, she would change into a white dress, which would signal me she was ready to start, and I would counter signal back by waving a lunghi (large piece of cloth) above my head saying OK, I’m filming, start now. Then at the end of the 4 minute sequence I would signal again with the lunghi above my head, which would indicate to her it’s time to come back to the main beach, we’re finished.

Sermons video shoot day 6

Cliff top shot-animated

Instead what happened was a riot of miscommunication which ended up working perfectly. It took her much longer than I expected to reach even close to the tip of the peninsula where the rocks were, and I lost track of her progress. After waiting and watching for what seemed an eternity, I figured she must not have been able to traverse the rocky tip and had given up.

Then at the beginning of where the peninsula started – at the end of the beach where I was situated with the camera – I saw one of the lifeguard flags waving back and forth madly (again about 1 K away). I concluded it must be A. trying to signal me that she had given up and returned and was on the main beach again. So I waved the lunghi to acknowledge.

I thought then, “Oh well, I’ll just get some more footage of the great rock formations on the peninsula without A., it might come in handy.” I looked through the viewfinder – and there A. was, white dress on, and beginning the poses. I then concluded, “OK, she made it, and saw me mistakenly waving the lunghi, took it as the sign to begin the poses, so – here we go. All’s well!”

I turned the camera on and collected the whole sequence as planned. At the end I waved the lunghi madly in the air as the second agreed on signal that “All’s well, I got it, come back now.” Sure enough, she started the trek back to the main beach.

When I met her on the main beach, she informed me that it was so far away from me where she was that she could make absolutely no details out on the main beach (I was able to follow her movements because of the 15X optical zoom on the camera) – she never saw any lunghi waving at all. She just hoped I was ready, got as far out towards the tip as she was permitted by the steep rocks and started the poses. When done, she returned. She just hoped I was watching and got it all.

Which I was, and did. It was very entertaining to see how the mind wove it’s own story completely independent of what was actually happening – and to see how the plan fell apart completely, but the end result was exactly the same! As A. pointed out, we both had a clear intention which unfolded seemingly of it’s own accord, while we took two separate trips in our minds, but ended up at exactly the right destination synchronistically.

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