Country Rock im Klütz, La Lecheria Cafe

10 Minutes from Boltenhagen! Country-rock Konzert 11.Juli 2015.

Saturday, 11. Juli. 20:00 Uhr

Tickets Preis €16, Vorverkauf: +49 171 866 0439

Lübecker Straße 3, 23948 Klütz, DE. Einlass: 19:00.

Getting Ready:

Jamie and bandJamie St Clair and band plays his music recorded in the new album We Will Abide, with his band:

Lead guitar: Kai Brückner
Vocals: Martina Gebhardt, Kai Bohun
Bass: Robert Teigeler
Drums: Kai Schönburg
Vocals: Martina Gebhardt, Kai Bohun

"I’ve got a very strong band, I spent last week in Berlin rehearsing, and it’s a great sound. This is the second concert with Kai Bohun and Martina on backup vocals, and I’m really happy with it, the vocals have really gelled. It’s good to play my own music from the new album We Will Abide. It’s definitely the best music I’ve produced so far. It’s FAT – as we say here in Deutschland…. "

Der Sound ähnelt einer Mischung aus der Folkband “Crosby, Stills & Nash”, sowie aus der Jazz-rock Band “Steely Dan”.

Beer and wine and tapas is served in La Lecheria.

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