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the Paul McCartney concert

Paul McCartney concertWhat other recordings do I have? Back in 1999 New Earth Records released a CD from Chinmaya and myself called Celtic Ragas. Paul McCartney’s secretary called New Earth Records up and asked if we could come and play the music for him and (at that time) his squeeze, Heather Mills. So we did.

It was a great concert, at one point Sir Paul came up to the stage, sat down, got rid of everyone else around him, and wanted to just listen to the band he was interested in at that point. I asked him what his favorite track was, he said track one, the one that goes la la la la la la la – and he hummed the tune of Chance Meeting, turning to Ms. Mills and saying, “That’s our favorite track, isn’t it honey? Yeh, we listen to that one all the time.”

Something around proving things and success or not success changed inside for me at that moment. I didn’t care anymore, in a good way.
Here’s a pic of the band on stage in Ireland, where they tied the knot. Full size:

Paul McCartney concert

from left: Manish Vyas (tablas), (can't remember who's playing accordian), Ramadhan on drums, myself on guitar, Chinmaya on sarod, Pramod on bass, Naveena Goffer on tamboura, Tanmyao on violin, in the back are Waduda and Bhikkhu from New Earth.

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