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Music video shoot Goa, day 8

Jamie singing Sermons in videoDay 8 at Agonda Beach, Goa, India.¬† Yesterday A. and I had to get away, so we rented a scooter and went South. How many days can you stay in the sun and sand on one beach? We’d been in Agonda for one straight week, so it was time for a break. We rode down to Patnem Beach, app. 10 kilometers south.

I took the video camera and on the way back about 5:00 pm, got some beautiful shots of the rice fields, so bright and almost neon green in the sun. The fields were flooded so the sun was shimmering off the water creating a backlit effect. Something very calming about rice fields.

At Patnem Beach we met up with Premgit and Sandhya, our friends from the UK, and put in a full day of chilling. Patnem is the right place for it, the Goa vibe of smoke filled chillems in Patnem is only exceeded by Palolem Beach, slightly further south, and Palolem borders on degenerate. A little too far into the chill zone, like frozen. Patnem is a great place to swim also. We saw a lone dolphin  swimming by very close to shore, dipping his fin and nose into the air in a rhythmic arc. The previous day at our beach, we saw a school of dolphins some of which were jumping.

Sermons in Stones music video scene

Sermons in Stones video scene

Late in the afternoon I saw a young couple looking pretty Northern European and perfect for the lovers characters in Sermons in Stones, romping around on the beach. So I simply approached him, saying,
“Excuse me, is that your girlfriend?”
“Yes, it is.”
“Well, would you and your girlfriend like to be in my music video? Will only take half an hour. . .”

I left him to tell her, and then for them to decide while A. and I went in for a swim. When we came out, they were gung ho on the idea, so I explained the two scenes I needed, and worked with them to get the choreography right. They both took to it immediately, particularly her, Goa, Patnem Beach music videowho had a nice carefree air, easy laugh, lighthearted vibe, and looked great in a bikini. I think it will work as a scene, but you never know till you start editing. The shoot went well, with only one shot being interrupted by people walking by on the beach. I’m curious to see what I got and start editing the music video for Sermons in Stones.

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