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Watchtower music video release

All Along the Watchtower music video by Jamie St ClairJust now released the All Along the Watchtower music video, so good to see it getting good response. Praashekh is happy with it (sarod player on the track). Remembering how we put that video together … Anil Sethi, producer for the video, pulled it together majorly, got Maneesh in for the second camera, Anil held camera 1, he got the location in the dark/smoky restaurant for the Joker/Thief scene together, and pulled in Samya for the waitress role, as well as help on props – he simply took care of it. Like a producer should, and the video speaks for itself. Thank you Anil!!

Shot in Pune, India on location at Gurdjieff’s Restaurant, and Kalyani Nagar Recording Studio. Animation done in Photoshop/After Effects by Jamie. We had such a blast in Gurdjieff’s, I think that was the most fun for me making the video. When we needed one more extra for the walk through scene with me on guitar, Abil grabbed a guy from the kitchen, who only spoke Hindi, so Anil had to direct him. Everything worked great, and afterwards we had lunch there. Good food.

The video is here on youtube: All Along the Watchtower video

Written, Directed:         Jamie St Clair
Producer:            Anil Sethi
Editing, Production:        Sublime Dezine Studio
The Joker:            Jamie
The Thief:            David Whittington
The Thief’s girlfriend:    Parveen Sayyed
Thief’s girlfriend’s friend:    Sanjay Sethi
Waitress:            Samya
Cameras:            Atmo Maneesh, Anil Sethi, Jamie

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