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Peter Gabriel cd

Jesus, I never want to work for me again. I’m the one designing the website, Friday night I worked will 12:30 am, went around in circles with the javascripts for the sound files, and slideshows. Today still at it. I watched a Peter Gabriel concert movie called “Growing Up” where he went on tour with one daughter singing with him onstage, and the other daughter, a film maker, filming the concert film. Which then got distributed @ the world. It pays to have connections. Anyway,

there’s a great moment in the car when they’re traveling when he’s talking about the tour, and all the work that went into preparation, etc. It was amazing as usual, it was after all P. Gabriel, he did one song with his daughter where they walked around the stage singing the whole song upside down, suspended from cables. Anyway, he looks into the camera and says,

“yeah, it was a lot of work, I don’t know if I can do this sort of thing that much longer. It always takes 8 times longer to manifest a creative idea than you think it will.”

I thought when I saw that, “nah come on, 8 times longer? Maybe 2 or 3 times longer, but that’s an exaggeration…”

Well, I don’t think it’s such an exaggeration anymore. 8 times longer. That’s about right. When I live in Germany, there’s an expression, when someone asks you how’s it goin, you can say yah, es ist nicht aber werk, werk, werk. That’s basically, work work work.

So, that’s what it’s taking to get this cd out, with concert, a bit of promotion, not even that much. Think I’ll go take a walk up in the mountains, get away from it all for a while. At this place here (below), at about 9,000 feet in altitude, one breath of that air, and you can leap tall buildings at a single bound. It’s about 85 degrees here in Boulder, and up there it will be about ten degrees cooler.

Rocky Mountains

Rockies outside of Boulder

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